Monday, June 28, 2010

Review - DARIYA PALTY Hair Bleach Super Flash Sparkling Blonde 08

Palty is actually one particular associated with Japan's the majority of well-known locks dyes for teens. The hair-dye which i bought (named DARIYA PALTY Hair Bleach Super Flash Sparkling Blonde 08) is the lightest shade of blonde in Japan Dariya Palty's Bleach & Locks Colour Selection.

What really made me want to buy the product was the fact that the actual Palty is especially designed for Asian hair. It's difficult to find a good hair dye for Asian hair simply because, living in america, numerous hair dyes are targeted towards white peeps.

Lets start off with the actual the labels and packaging

The labels on this item is really adorable! I think which the labels such as this would really appeal to individuals to buy the merchandise. Packagings for all of us manufacturers hair dyes are simply therefore boring!

The Ease of Use

Since this can be a Japonese item, the actual guidelines are in Japonese (the downside of buying a foreign made product). Fortunately that we now have numerous websites on the internet which convert the guidelines in order to english (just google it). But We honestly do not think you need to read the actual guidelines because there is an image of a girl planning the solution. The actual animation picture of the girl preparing the actual coloring is actually, In my opinion, enough (especially if you're much like me and have home-colored your own locks prior to).

The dye applicatoris also good. It's a comb such as an applicator which allows your own to comb the product through your own locks, and distribute it. The merchandise job application procedure is pretty smooth . The only downside though, is the fact that if you have heavy locks (like me) or even lengthy locks (much like me) one container Is not be enough! We ran from item quickly... We just did half of my personal hair! And so i tried very hard to distribute the product all through my personal top layers (not to mention it proved terrible). Therefore, for those who have heavy or even lengthy locks, purchase 2 (drawback: its a bit expensive)!

The actual Odor & Sensation
The actual odor of the item is extremely tolerable (very nice, and not as well strong). I've smelt A lot even worse. The coloring consists of whiten, therefore it has to odor some little bit. Like other hair dyes as well as bleaches, the dye will sting your skills a bit when you coloring your own fringe or around that region (Therefore never ever wear contacts whenever you dye your own hair! It may blind a person!). However that is mainly because of the bleach and the peroxide in the dye that reduces your hair. Also be cautious whenever you put the solution on your scalp, it does sting!
The Wait around Time

Numerous hair dyes I have tried demands you to definitely depart the product in your hair with regard to 45 minutes for a particular result. I was surprised when i study that you only need to leave Palty upon for 15-30 minutes (with respect to the result you would like your hair to become). After 5 minutes, you can already see your own hair lighten, that is incredible!.
The outcomes

I was rather shock at how fast the coloring started to function. I will really observe changes in my hair color whilst nevertheless using the merchandise. We left the coloring set for half an hour (my hair would be a very dark dark brown streaked with very gentle brown, along with a very very little bit associated with ash golden-haired; I needed to accomplish a strawberry-blonde such as color by using this coloring). As the coloring processes, We applied some warmth in order to my locks having a hair dryer. (locks lightens quicker when faced with heat. That's the reason scalps lighten faster than the remainder of your hair-- heat out of your head promotes the actual lightening).

Anyways, my personal dark brown locks turn out to appear this like following half an hour:

How broken is actually my personal locks following use? Truthful, very little. This product is actually soft towards the locks... A lot milder than simply whiten. I honestly don't believe my personal locks seems so much more more dry compared to it had been... however maybe its since it may be the hair conditioners as well as treatments I made use of... unfortunately, I do think this locks coloring is much more gentle compared to most of the other I have used-- and more effective.

My last score?


I truly do such as this locks coloring, but you understand what? It is expensive... Basically had been in order to dye my hair correctly the next time along with Palty, I would have to buy 2 containers.. around $31! Maybe its simply me, however $14-$16 for any hair coloring, sometimes much more, is extremely expensive. I am very accustomed to buying $7 hair dyes... as well as Palty is actually double that cost. And yes, I do believe that the cost brings down the actual rating by one point...

But general, Palty is an extremely good hair-dye. I would suggest purchasing this particular, if you have the money to do so, or even if you have brief or even slim, medium length hair.

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