Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to be the best brunette you can be

  1. Match your brown hair to your haircut. To maximize the impact of your chocolaty color, go deeper and monotone if your hair is nearly all one length. If it's shorter or very layered, make the ends slightly lighter, and weave in high- and lowlights to emphasize the texture of the cut.
  2. Beware of black. If you want to deepen your brown to anything beyond dark chocolate, visit a professional. Once you go blue-black, there's almost no going back. The only way to lighten up is with a pricey salon procedure that involves lots of damage to your hair and wallet.
  3. Go to the extreme. The most striking brunettes today are very dark or quite light. If your hair color is medium in tone, you blend in not in a good way.
  4. Steer clear of hairspray, if possible. Nothing takes the sheen off shiny brunette strands faster than dousing them with hairspray, says Robinson. If you must shellac, follow with a spritz of shine serum.
  5. Go half-and-half, when coloring at home. One of the most common at-home hair coloring errors, is a brown that's gone orangey. This is often the result of applying a dye that's too warm If it's golden brown you're after, buy one box of golden brown and one box of neutral brown. Mix the two, then use the combo on your hair.

Makeup tips for brunettes:
  • Play with jewel tones on your eyes. Brunettes can get away with dramatic eyes.
  • Pile on the mascara and make it black. You need dark fringe to balance your dark strands.
  • If your dark hair makes your complexion appear too pasty, shimmery bronzer is your ticket.

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