Monday, June 28, 2010

Do You Have To Bleach Your Hair Before Using ‘manic Panic’ Hair Dye?


I want to add some bright colors too my hair this summer and i just wanted to know if you always have to bleach your hair before you use ‘manic panic’ hair dye? mainly just because I don't want to bleach my hair.If i have to bleach it for it to turn out then could some of you give me some more colorful hair dyes that i don’t have to bleach my hair with (btw i have light brownish dirty blonde hair).


You don’t HAVE to but it will come out brighter. I dyed mine with blonde hair dye so it just lightened enough for me to make the hair color bright like i said dye your hair a lighter hair like blond it will just be lighter and not as damaging as bleach also there is a brand of hair dye at walmart that says not bleaching required it says for the darkest of hair where i live they only had purple and red u can find it at walmart and with the manic panic if you add heat when the dye is in your hair it comes out more intense like blow drying i used purple haze with mani panic and it came out great and bright i love it so if you dont mind lightening your hair its a great investment.

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