Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homemade Hair Recipes

Avocado Hair Mask

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp castor oil

Mash the avocado in a bowl and add the honey and the oils (You can substitute with any oil). If you have a blender you can puree this or just mix until creamy. Apply to your hair wet or dry under a plastic cap, then let sit for about 20 minutes. Rinse and wash hair as normal.


Rosewater Leave In:

  • 1 cup water (distilled or purified)
  • 1/3 cup rosewater/glycerine
  • 4 tablespoons light conditioner (like VO5 Nourishing Oasis Honey & Almond)
  • 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. This is a great leave in and a good detangler.


Homemade Hotoil Treatment

Two ingredients: oil and conditioner. You can use olive oil or just plain vegetable oil. Put about 1/4 cup of oil in a small saucepan and add a tablespoon of hair conditioner. (You can use any kind of creme rinse, this is good for using up conditioner that you didn't particularly like since you will be shampooing it out anyway). Do not use leave-in conditioners.


Gently heat the oil and the conditioner, stirring as you go along. Remember that oil heats very quickly and can burn quite easily: NEVER leave unattended. You are only heating it to the point of warming the oil and blending it with the conditioner. Once it is warm, remove from heat. Be sure you test the heat of the oil before putting it on your hair.

If it seems too warm, wait several minutes before applying. It is not recommended to use a microwave to heat the oil since temperatures are hard to control and you might wind up with part of it being much hotter than the other. Apply the warm oil to dry hair.

If your hair is long, thick or very damaged (as can happen to bleached, permed or dyed hair), it is best to use a comb to work it in and make sure that you have covered every strand, paying particular attention to the ends of the hair. Then you can wrap your hair in plastic wrap to help keep the heat in and leave it on for about 30 minutes. If your hair is shorter or not as damaged, you can just work it in and leave it for 5 minutes. When the time is up, you will need to shampoo the oil out. You will probably need to shampoo twice. The first time you use it, you might skip using additional conditioner. You don't want to weigh down the hair too much, but if you notice that it seems dry after shampooing it out, then you can use conditioner after shampooing.

For very damaged hair, use the treatment once a week at least, twice if it is very long or damaged. Otherwise, every two weeks is all that is required.

You can also just do the ends of your hair (use less oil). You can make up a batch of it to keep on hand, just mix well if you notice the conditioner settling. Use a small squeeze bottle (you can reuse the bottles that have hair dye or perm solution, rinse out well) this will make it easy to apply.

As the condition of your hair improves, a once-a-month maintenance treatment is all that is needed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Shampoo For Oily Hair

If like me you suffer from oily hair, this means that usually you wash your hair in the morning only to have it already appear oily by the late evening. You really can't afford to skip a day of shampooing.

So here we go, which are the best shampoos for oily here lets list them an don't be shy - feel free to add your shampoo recommendation in the comments section below! Here are mine:

  • Use a shampoo with tea tree oil, like Jason Scalp Normalizing Tea Tree Shampoo. Just as it does on the rest of your skin, tea tree will help cut down on oiliness without drying your scalp out. Bonus: It also gives you a fresh, clean-feeling tingle.
  • Herbal Essences: degunkify deep cleasing shampoo.

What to do About Oily Hair

Here are some tips for preventing and treating oily hair:

  • Shampoo your hair every day. Leaving the shampoo on your head for at least 5 minutes before rinsing may help.
  • Rinse hair out thoroughly.
  • Conditioners coat the hair, something oily hair doesn't need. Apply a small amount of conditioner only to the ends if they've become dried out.
  • Those with oily hair need a good solvent-type shampoo, one that will cut the grease. To give your shampoo a boost, you can even add a few drops of dishwashing liquid
  • Avoid brushing your hair too often or too vigorously, since the brushing will carry oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

Keep in Mind:
  • Hormones affect oil production. Things that affect your hormone levels in adult women, it may come with the menstrual cycle or using birth control pills. In teens, oily hair, zits, the works it all comes with the package. When the hormones calm down, the problem usually evens out.
  • Diet's Not to Blame: it is not one of the oil-producing culprits listed. That's because diet doesn't play much of a role in the development of oily hair, contrary to what many people believe. Eating French fries won't send the grease directly to your scalp unless you rub your French fries through your hair.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Hair Color For 2010

For autumn/winter 2010 hair colour is going to be really alive and bright:
  • For darker clients look for cherry reds and violet hues
  • For blondes try golden tones with lots of dimension with the use of pastel tones of peach and lavender.
Celebrity hair colour inspiration: For our more natural looking blondes Jennifer Aniston and Jen Hawkins are always popular and with the request of copper tones more Isla Fischer picture are popping up as a source of hair inspiration.

Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 Hairstyles

The Light-Reflecting Blonde

If you have naturally very light or grey hair, this kind of baby blonde colour will suit you. Ask your colourist for white blonde with buttery highlights to keep it soft and natural. Use a toner shampoo with blue undertones to keep the colour from turning brassy.

The Long Fringe

A longer length fringe is a great disguise for a long or oblong face. Keep it eye skimming to draw attention towards your features. Team it with a gorgeous bob that grazes your shoulders for a statement haircut.

The Side Swept Fringe

An oval face can pull off almost any hairstyle. If you have good bone structure, consider an angular bob hairstyle or a long, side swept fringe.

The Thick Waves

If you have naturally thick hair, adding some waves and a fringe can break it up and give your hair some style. To achieve glossy waves, invest in thicker curling irons and only divide hair into about four or five sections to curl. finish by running a little mousse through your hair to hold the style.

The New Auburn Hair

Auburn is a nice alternative shade to glam up your look. This colour will suit blondes as well as brunettes, just make sure you ask for auburn with a warm base and darker tones to bring out your skin tone.

The Short Curls

Layer up short curls to add volume and bounce - if your hair is all one length, it will look too heavy and you will lose the springy curls.

The Blondes

Achieving luminous blonde hair at home can be a nightmare - always go to a professional. If you have fair skin, golden shades will warm up your skin tone. Ash tones are best for anyone with reddish skin, as the cool hues will help neutralise the redness. Caramel blondes are good for brunettes, especially close to the face. Olive skin tones wll benefit from a more neutral shade of blonde to keep it looking natural.

The Angular Bob

Take the edge off an angular face with a choppy bob. The layers in this look make it really versatile. Keep the ends choppy to hide a strong jawline.

The Messy Waves

To get the look, prep damp hair with volumiser, blow dry with a round brush and then wrap hair around a medium-barrel curling iron.

10 Hairstyles for 2010

The Edgy Bob

Getting a highly styled but classic cut is a great confidence boost and can make you look younger. Add height and volume to this look by adding a little mousse and drying over a round brush.

The Side Parting

A centre parting can really drag the face down, especially when you are over 40. Soften your look with a side-swept parting. Make sure you look after your hair and blow-dry it with care to get that really luxe look.

Long Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, it's most probably frizzy too. Beat the frizz by spending a few minutes on your style every day - and you'll notice the difference. Keep hair well-conditioned with weekly intensive at-home treatments and make sure to use products that relax stressed out hair, like serums and creams. And our last curly hair rule? Never blow-dry - always let your hair dry naturally.

The Bold Redhead

Need a big style change? Then start with your hair. If you're feeling bold, go for a striking red. A deep scarlet colour will have an energising effect on skin that looks jaded. Wear it bright, vibrant and with confidence.

The Heavy Fringe

Forget drastic measures like botox to hide those wrinkles and opt for a fringe instead. A blunt cut is still big news this season and is best worn just below the eyebrows to draw attention to your eyes. Keep it heavy for a more youthful look.

The New Warm Colour

As we age, we need to adjust our hair colour to flatter our changing looks. Add warmer tones, such as reds, coppers and golds, through your hair to add a flush of colour to your cheeks. Red tones are a great way to break up a solid brown shade, or to conceal grey hairs appearing on darker locks.

The Romantic Curl

Romantic styles are back in vogue and were all over the spring/summer catwalks. adapt the style to your hair with some soft, pretty waves. This style will work best on medium to long hair, so the weight will keep the curls loose for a more relaxed, boho vibe. To achieve these girls, wind hair around one inch curling barrels and hold. Let go, and spritz with hairspray to help keep the curl in shape.

The 60s Bob

This kind of short layered hairstyle is a great way of adding volume to fine hair. The angled fringe is also flattering to most face shapes and will act as a frame for delicate features. Short crops are best suited to very straight hair, unless you're willing to spend lots of time on it each morning!

The Red Pixie Crop

Be brave and go for the chop the next time you visit the hairdressers - but only if you have the right face shape. A pixie crop works best on an oval face and if it's too severe, can be quite unforgiving. So, remember to request soft with layers around the face and choosing a red colour tint will give the look warmth.

The Asymmetric Bob

A bob is always a savvy option for summer, keeping you cool when the temperatures rise. And, of course, shorter hairstyles are often a great way of rolling back the years too. This classic style is given a modern twist with a side sweep and choppy layers.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Natural Highlights Tip

How To Get Natural-Looking Highlights

Colouring techniques are so sophisticated these days that hand-painted, freehand 'baliage' effects look great whatever length of hair you have.

But although there are a growing number of home highlighting kits now available, they can’t replace these creative techniques from a clever colourist.

As a rule, though, short hair carries off full colour better than longer hair. If you have medium-length to long hair, highlights – especially around the face – are very flattering.

Hot Hair Colour Trends 2010

Cool blonde

Cool beige tones keep blondes looking fresh. Delicate placement of biscuit and butterscotch spliced through a full head of colour helps create clarity and sparkle.
Is it for you? Yes if you have pale skin tone and soft blue eyes

Rich red

When it comes to red, think bright! Wear it with an intensity and vibrant confidence. Full colour bursts with the fiery tones of sunset.
Is it for you? This works well on natural brunettes with warm skin tones and dark hazel eyes.


Complimenting shades including butterscotch, pecan and burnt toffee create this warm, classy colour. Hooker & Young are big on colouring techniques to add depth and light.
Is it for you? Yes if you have creamy skin tones and love colour that's on-trend!

Deep brunette

A blend of rich truffle and dark cocoa flecked with cinnamon is the choice for brunettes in 2008. Blend the richest shades for beautiful colour that brings hair to life.
Is it for you? Yes if you're a brunette looking to lift fading colour.

Rich aubergine

Dark liquorice and vibrant blackcurrant are intertwined to create this stunning, bold look.
Is it for you? Yes! If your natural hair and brow colouring is dark.

Bright blonde

A mixture of cool Nordic blonde hues can create a cool- warm look which gives a sparkling, ultra light result.
Is it for you? Yes if you have pale skin and piercing blue eyes which will compliment this look perfectly.

Orange, Red and Pink Hair Color Chart

Awesome visual celebrity hair color chart progressing through red, copper, orange and pink:

About Dying Hair with Manic Panic

Dyeing Your Hair a Vibrant Color - what are you in for?

Here is some great info about dying your hair vibrant punky colors. Information provided is in reference to semi-permanent unnatural colored punk hair dyes, based on a collection of experiences from those who are experienced dyeing their hair with these products. Doing it on your own can be good if you plan ahead but if you have any hesitations it's better to get it done professionally.

Semi-permanent hair dye don't lighten hair as they don't contain peroxide or ammonia instead it works in a way that coats your hair with color, and gradually washes away over time. Because it is designed to work with your existing hair color, you may need to bleach your hair first.

EXAMPLE: if you have brown hair and buy pink dye your hair color will not come out a vibrant pinkas these products don't replace your color but deposit color on top, you may however get a pink tint to your hair depending on how dark your hair color is. Only with bleach will you get the clear canvas necessary to create a vibrant pink hair result. Bleaching hair also makes it more porous which also helps to pick up the hair color for a more vibrant result that lasts longer. The main consideration is that bleaching will damage your hair! but with proper hair care the damage can be maintained to a minimum.

Consider that dyeing and bleaching hair and maintaining vibrant colors takes time and effort in order to look good. These washes tend to last between 2 - 8 weeks. You also have to be prepared to do a lot of experimenting to get your hair to the right shade and vibrancy you require. And be aware that these dyes are messy and they truly STAIN - wear old clothes when dying!!

Blue Hair Gallery
Pink Hair Gallery

A. Hot Hot Pink
B. Green Envy
C. Fuchsia Shock
D. Flaming
E. Enchanted Forest
F. Electric Sunshine
G. Electric Lizard
H. Electric Lava
I. Electric Banana
J. Divine Wine
K. Deadly Nightshade
L. Cotton Candy Pink
M. Black & Blue
N. Lagoon Blue (Bad Boy Blue)
O. Atomic Turquoise
P. After Midnight Blue
Q. Wildfire
R. Virgin Snow (white toner)
S. Vampire Red
T. Ultra Violet
U. Tiger Lily
V. Shocking Blue
W. Red Passion
X. Raven (Ebony)
Y. Purple Haze
Z. Pretty Flamingo
AA. Plum (Passion)
BB. Pillarbox Red
CC. New Rose
DD. Lavender (Mystic Heather)
EE. Lilac (Lie Locks)
FF. Infra Red

Looking for hair color ideas? Look at your skin first

When searching for hair color ideas you should first look at what compliments your skin tone. Depending on the type of skin you have, you'll want to stay away from certain colors.

  • Pale Skin: Avoid deep dark colors
  • Pink Undertone: Avoid red or strawberry tones
  • Yellow Undertones: Avoid deep gold
  • Dark/Tan Skin: Avoid one-tone blonde (honey or 5 tone blonde looks better)
So what hair color should you look for?

  • Rosy/Ebony Undertones - Try brown or black with burgundy highlights
  • Brown/Gold Undertones - Try golden or honey colors with red highlights

Want to be safe when coloring your hair? Just go a couple shades lighter or darker than your current color.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Bleached Blonde Hair

Marilyn Monroe changed the shade of her hair blonde tresses several times during her career. She first bleached her hair to a golden blonde and chemically straightened her locks (a deadly combo that would never be considered doing today, perhaps why Marilyn's hair kept getting shorter). She also underwent electrolysis around her hairline to remove her widow's peak. By the time she died in 1962 her hair was completely stripped of pigment to a shade she fondly referred to as pillow case white.

Golden Blonde

Ash Blonde

Champagne Blonde

Honey Blonde

Bleached Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Platinum Blonde

White Blonde

Multi-Dimensional Hair Color Technique

This hair coloring technique is simple and very multidimensional, it can be adapted for blonde and auburn hair color as well as brown. You will need three different tones of the same hue.
Starting at the temple create a zig zag parting around the head starting at the hairline:

To create the second section use the zig zag parting again, this time from te top of the ear and continuing around the head:

The remaining section in the nape will be the first to be coloured.

Starting at the nape apply the darkest hair color dye:

Then apply the next lighter color to the middle section, from the nape all the way through to the ends:

Finally apply the lighter color to the top section of the head:

Once all the dye is in process according to texture and porosity:

Here is the before and after of this hair color technique: