Monday, June 28, 2010

How to Bleach Hair White?


I tried bleaching my hair to white to look like this:

I used creme lightener with 20 volume liposome permanent color developer
and left it on for 6 hours (terrible for my hair, I know!)
But even after that long, my hair just turned, blonde not white.

How can I get it white??


Prepare to spend at least $300.

Here’s how I did it:

What you need BEFORE you BLEACH:

  1. Redkin- CAT protein spray
  2. Bedhead- Dumb Blonde hair Reconstructor
  3. Coconut oil (for hair)
  4. Redkin- Anti-Snap emergency hair repair serum
  5. Shimmering Lights- purple based toning shampoo
  6. Redkin- Blonde Glam purple base toning conditioner

  1. Goldwell oxycur platinum lightenign powder
  2. Goldwell topchic 30 volume Developer lotion
  3. Bio-Kur Care & Comfort scalp protector

  1. Roux- fanci full haircolor rinse (in desired shade of blonde)
  2. Igora- conditioning color mousse (in deisred shade of blonde)

Day 1:

Bleach according to directions. Add scalp protector to bleach mixture. Spray Redkin CAT on hair while bleach is in it (or after you rinse bleach out but rinsing dries hair out, so better to only rinse once and CAT must be rinsed out). Rinse. Towel dry,. Apply Dumb Blonde generously and put cap on head, leave on 15 minutes or so. Rinse. Rub in Redkin Anti-Snap. Leave in.

NO hot tools or blowdryers for a month.

Day 2: CAT protein treatment.
Day 3: Dumb Blonde deep condition treatment.
Days 4,5.6, 7: leave hair alone! Rub in coconut oil if it looks dry.

Do not shampoo for the few weeks you are bleaching.

Day 7 or 8: Bleach again and repeat all treatments above until you’re light blonde.

Never bleach more then once a week. Use desired toner. Use the shampoo and conditioner in the shades you’ve chosen. Never shampoo hair more then every 3 days. Use Roux and Igora to maintain desired shade of blonde. Keep up with weekly Redkin CAT and Dumb Blonde deep conditioning treatments. Use the Redkin Anti-snap if it looks fragile.

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