Thursday, July 1, 2010

Multi-Dimensional Hair Color Technique

This hair coloring technique is simple and very multidimensional, it can be adapted for blonde and auburn hair color as well as brown. You will need three different tones of the same hue.
Starting at the temple create a zig zag parting around the head starting at the hairline:

To create the second section use the zig zag parting again, this time from te top of the ear and continuing around the head:

The remaining section in the nape will be the first to be coloured.

Starting at the nape apply the darkest hair color dye:

Then apply the next lighter color to the middle section, from the nape all the way through to the ends:

Finally apply the lighter color to the top section of the head:

Once all the dye is in process according to texture and porosity:

Here is the before and after of this hair color technique:

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