Sunday, July 4, 2010

About Dying Hair with Manic Panic

Dyeing Your Hair a Vibrant Color - what are you in for?

Here is some great info about dying your hair vibrant punky colors. Information provided is in reference to semi-permanent unnatural colored punk hair dyes, based on a collection of experiences from those who are experienced dyeing their hair with these products. Doing it on your own can be good if you plan ahead but if you have any hesitations it's better to get it done professionally.

Semi-permanent hair dye don't lighten hair as they don't contain peroxide or ammonia instead it works in a way that coats your hair with color, and gradually washes away over time. Because it is designed to work with your existing hair color, you may need to bleach your hair first.

EXAMPLE: if you have brown hair and buy pink dye your hair color will not come out a vibrant pinkas these products don't replace your color but deposit color on top, you may however get a pink tint to your hair depending on how dark your hair color is. Only with bleach will you get the clear canvas necessary to create a vibrant pink hair result. Bleaching hair also makes it more porous which also helps to pick up the hair color for a more vibrant result that lasts longer. The main consideration is that bleaching will damage your hair! but with proper hair care the damage can be maintained to a minimum.

Consider that dyeing and bleaching hair and maintaining vibrant colors takes time and effort in order to look good. These washes tend to last between 2 - 8 weeks. You also have to be prepared to do a lot of experimenting to get your hair to the right shade and vibrancy you require. And be aware that these dyes are messy and they truly STAIN - wear old clothes when dying!!

Blue Hair Gallery
Pink Hair Gallery

A. Hot Hot Pink
B. Green Envy
C. Fuchsia Shock
D. Flaming
E. Enchanted Forest
F. Electric Sunshine
G. Electric Lizard
H. Electric Lava
I. Electric Banana
J. Divine Wine
K. Deadly Nightshade
L. Cotton Candy Pink
M. Black & Blue
N. Lagoon Blue (Bad Boy Blue)
O. Atomic Turquoise
P. After Midnight Blue
Q. Wildfire
R. Virgin Snow (white toner)
S. Vampire Red
T. Ultra Violet
U. Tiger Lily
V. Shocking Blue
W. Red Passion
X. Raven (Ebony)
Y. Purple Haze
Z. Pretty Flamingo
AA. Plum (Passion)
BB. Pillarbox Red
CC. New Rose
DD. Lavender (Mystic Heather)
EE. Lilac (Lie Locks)
FF. Infra Red

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