Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot Hair Colour Trends 2010

Cool blonde

Cool beige tones keep blondes looking fresh. Delicate placement of biscuit and butterscotch spliced through a full head of colour helps create clarity and sparkle.
Is it for you? Yes if you have pale skin tone and soft blue eyes

Rich red

When it comes to red, think bright! Wear it with an intensity and vibrant confidence. Full colour bursts with the fiery tones of sunset.
Is it for you? This works well on natural brunettes with warm skin tones and dark hazel eyes.


Complimenting shades including butterscotch, pecan and burnt toffee create this warm, classy colour. Hooker & Young are big on colouring techniques to add depth and light.
Is it for you? Yes if you have creamy skin tones and love colour that's on-trend!

Deep brunette

A blend of rich truffle and dark cocoa flecked with cinnamon is the choice for brunettes in 2008. Blend the richest shades for beautiful colour that brings hair to life.
Is it for you? Yes if you're a brunette looking to lift fading colour.

Rich aubergine

Dark liquorice and vibrant blackcurrant are intertwined to create this stunning, bold look.
Is it for you? Yes! If your natural hair and brow colouring is dark.

Bright blonde

A mixture of cool Nordic blonde hues can create a cool- warm look which gives a sparkling, ultra light result.
Is it for you? Yes if you have pale skin and piercing blue eyes which will compliment this look perfectly.

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